Flagstaff Teachers Request Attendance at FUSD Board Meeting

A resolution of interest to the community will be presented to the FUSD governing board on Tuesday, May 23. A group of teachers in FUSD began working on this as something specific to immigrant students, but it has evolved to also include other students/groups/families that are most vulnerable to discriminatory policies and practices. The District’s attorney is currently looking at this and there may be some small tweaks, but the draft attached is very close to the final product. This will be on the Board agenda for discussion and a vote on Tuesday, May 23. The meeting is at 5:30 in the FUSD district office on Sparrow Ave.
The teachers’ group would love any show of support from parents and/or other community members. I will plan to be there (probably with my children!), and I hope some of you will consider attending as well. Please encourage other colleagues, parents, and community members to attend as well. We believe the Board members will be supportive of this resolution, but I think it’s important to visibly support the teachers who worked on this and the issues they are advocating for. And as a bonus, the incoming Superintendent is likely to be in attendance at this meeting.
A copy of the draft resolution is attached: FUSD resolution, may 2
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