For Real Life, Voting Does Matter

We’ve had two dramatic examples of elected officials doing good things for Arizona — because we worked hard in 2018 to get them into office. In the last few days, the Arizona Republic published articles about accomplishments by Kathy Hoffman and Sandra Kennedy. These women and their effectiveness give us hope.

Hoffman was praised for her work as State Superintendent of Public Instruction, including her leadership in getting two amazing bills through the Legislature. Read: Kathy Hoffman rode a #RedForEd wave into office. 100 days in, here’s what she’s done.

Sandra Kennedy, our 2018 Corporation Commission winner, promptly subpoenaed APS and got them to admit to dark money contributions in the 2014 Election — contributions they have been covering up for 5 years. Read: APS acknowledges spending millions to elect Corporation Commission members, after years of questions.

Elections do matter. Your vote matters. And, our work matters.

Some of us attended the State Committee Meeting of the Arizona Democratic Party this past weekend and heard from the immediate past Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party, Brandon Dillon. Michigan clawed back Democratic wins in 2018 just as we did. They are accustomed to being a Presidential “battleground state” — we are one this year. His message — organize NOW.

Your Coconino County Democratic Party is hard at work doing just that. Since January, we’ve recruited more volunteers and precinct committee members and we’re engaged in an extensive training effort for them. We launched our first canvass this past Monday and we’re doing another next week. You’ll start seeing us at events around Flagstaff and out in the County — actually, our first event was last Saturday. We’ve formed a Navajo Voter Committee, a Latino Voter Committee, and a Youth Council. We’re working jointly with the other three LD-6 counties to prepare for the LD-6 House and Senate races. We know what it takes to win and we’re doing it.

Please contribute to our efforts. Volunteer with us. Or, donate. Or, both.

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