For the People Act in Detail

State legislators have introduced at least 361 bills with restrictive voting provisions in 47 of the 50 states. Some of these bills have already been enacted, including in Arizona. That’s why we need the US Senate to approve the For the People Act (SB1), which will standardize fair voting procedures for the nation. But what is in the law? A lot.

DemCast has published five articles worth reading about the content of the bill.

Protecting the Freedom to Vote

Keeping people from registering to vote has long been a strategy employed by racists to prevent Black people from casting their ballots equally. The For the People Act will require states to offer various ways for voters to register including online, automatic, and same-day registration.

Ending Partisan and Racial Gerrymandering

One of the specific elements of the For the People Act is the political trick of gerrymandering. The FTPA boldly proclaims we have had enough of gerrymandering, enough of politicians picking their voters instead of earning the people’s vote. 

Getting Big Money Out of Politics

The For the People Act will protect our right to cast free and fair ballots by taking giant steps to get big money out of politics. It’s what we need to save our democracy from the people, corporations, and foreign countries that have been doing their best to buy our elections.

Election Security

For an American election to be wholly successful, the voters need to have confidence in the results. The For the People Act sets out new requirements that will make clear to the public that our elections are safe and accessible, and it provides the money for critical changes.

Combating Corruption in Government

When government officials put their own interests and financial gain above those of the citizens they are supposed to serve, the country suffers. The For the People Act sets rigorous ethical standards for every branch of government for the good of Americans and our democracy.

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