Forward Movement on Biden Agenda

The bipartisan infrastructure deal made at the White House today moves a piece of the Biden agenda forward on what will be a long road ahead. Hopefully, the speed will pick up now that a start has been made.

President Biden supports the bill but says he will not sign unless a bill passed through reconciliation delivers the rest of his American Jobs Plan and American Families Plan. And, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is not bringing this to vote in the House until that reconciliation bill is done in the Senate. Manchin says “yea” to a reconciliation bill in addition to this little deal. Sinema has had her photo-op at the White House. These are first steps in how bills become law. Keep lobbying.

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Details included in the bipartisan bill from the White House Press Room.

21 senators clinched infrastructure for Biden. Who’s in the deal’s bipartisan coalition? — USA Today

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