Alternative reasons for Comey firing grow

Trump’s laughable story that he fired Comey because Comey improperly handled the Clinton email investigation last year began to crumble from its first release. Since then, things keep going downhill for Trump.

Furor over Comey firing grows with news that he sought resources for Russia investigation before his dismissalThe Washington Post

The Wall Street Journal reports tonight (May 10) that Comey had increased his briefings to Senators from weekly to daily: “In the weeks before President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, a federal investigation into potential collusion between Trump associates and the Russian government was heating up, as Mr. Comey became increasingly occupied with the probe.” WSJ

And, the Washington Post reports that Rosenstein threatened to resign on Tuesday night when the White House narrative said he was the prime mover in Comey’s firing. — WAPO

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