Garcia the Right Choice for Governor

The lies from the TV screen are coming fast and furious, just as the misinformation from the letter to the editors. Doug Ducey is desperate to keep his job, so he and his supporters are not telling the truth to the voter at a pace never seen in the past.

Ducey has not been an advocate for education. He has refused to put money back into education that was mandated in the past. Teachers in Arizona had to strike in order for him to even attempt a pay raise for them.

Ducey does not support workers in this state. He is all about cutting taxes to benefit corporations. As a “right to work” state, organized labor has no voice, and that is exactly the way Ducey prefers it.

Ducey has not addressed the horrendous infrastructure in Arizona. A friend of mine at ADOT in Flagstaff say they are each doing the job of 2 or 3 people. There is a freeze on hiring. When engineers retire, their positions are not filled. Our roads are a disaster, but Ducey still won’t provide ADOT the workers or the funds they need.

A letter to the editor in the AZ Daily Sun approximately two weeks ago stated that David Garcia couldn’t be trusted because he was taking money from lobbyists. If that’s the case, Ducey definitely needs to go. He is being supported by millions of dollars from dark money and we will never know the source. Garcia denies the allegations as flat out untrue. Garcia wants to rid our elections from the poison of unidentified political funds.

David Garcia is the right choice for Arizona. He will unite us. He will lead us. He will protect us. He will make our state a great place to live, educate our children and make us proud to be Arizonans.


Source: Garcia the right choice for governor, Arizona Daily Sun, 9/23/2018

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