Gunsense, the NRA, and Russia

The Democratic Party is committed to sensible gun laws. We respect the 2d Amendment as we do all parts of the U.S. Constitution. We believe there must be some solution to the slaughter that takes over 30,000 American lives per year and yet does not afflict other advanced nations. We are excited to see young people become involved in the search for solutions.

Reasonable people can have differing opinions about what is a “sensible gun law.” Our own Democratic candidates have different approaches. Unfortunately, an organization that once was dedicated to supporting responsible gun ownership — the National Rifle Association (NRA) — has become radicalized, and, according to recent news reports, something worse may have happened to it. Tonight, NPR (National Public Radio) reported new developments in the FBI and Congressional investigations into the NRA’s ties to Russia: 

“Investigations by Congress and the Department of Justice have revealed that the Russian government has sought to sharpen political divisions among American citizens by amplifying controversial social issues. Investigators have expressed concern about Russian links to the NRA, one of the most politically polarizing organizations in the U.S.”

The Coconino County Democratic Party is committed to civil discussion about gun laws and gun violence, and to petitioning our government officials in pursuit of sensible solutions. We urge all participants in these discussions to be mindful that when we attack each other unnecessarily, we may, literally, be playing into the hands of the Russians.

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