Harriet Young Awarded Chair Emeritus at RK Dinner

The Coconino County Democratic Party honored Harriet Young on March 30 with the recognition “Chair Emeritus.” Harriet served as Chair of our county party from 2001-2008, and Vice Chair thereafter until this year. She has also served as First Vice Chair of the Arizona Democratic Party (ADP) from 2008 to 2012, Acting ADP chair twice. She was a member of ADP Executive Committee for ten years beginning in 2008. Harriet created the ADP County Chair organization and served as leader of that group as “Chair of Chairs” for 4 years.

In the words of one of her many friends, “She has served as a mentor and house mother to dozens of young and aspiring campaign workers who have spent overnights, weeks, and often months in her home while they worked the long hours required of field workers. She has served as a host for fundraising events, meet-and-greets, and wrangler of raw talent in her never-ending efforts to find new Democratic blood.

“And she has been, as many of you can attest, the Persuader-in-Chief for the party, convincing you that yes, you WOULD love to serve on a committee, donate money, or be part of some event that you would have said no to if anyone else had asked. But when Harriet asks, you just open your wallet, get out your calendar, and wonder only later, ‘How did I get myself into this?'”

Harriet Young’s undergraduate degree was from Vanderbilt University, her PHD in Political Science was from Rice University. She then taught at Rice, the University of Houston, and Northern Arizona University for a total of 25 years. She is a giant in this County and we Coconino Democrats will be forever grateful.

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