How Can Women back GOP?


To the editor:



I am continually amazed by the number of women who not only support the Republican agenda but speak out for it. My first political awakening came during my college years (mid-1960s). Growing up and living in the deep South, the racial equality movement was a life-changing experience. During that growth process the words “all men are created equal” from the Declaration of Independence took on a profound significance in my life. In subsequent years the subject of women’s rights in the male-dominated, chauvinistic society of the time was a cause I could support because once again the words of the Declaration rang true.

During my life I have endeavored, not always successfully, to eliminate pre-judgment based on race, religion, gender or political affiliation from my thoughts. In recent years the Republican-dominated statehouses and the houses of representatives have presented law after law that deny women the right to make choices about their bodies and their health. They have also failed to support equal pay for equal work.

My puzzlement is that there are women who, by the election to their office and therefore a product of women’s rights, are not only supporting this degeneration but proposing it. Fortunately this isn’t a majority of women. It is still puzzling that it exists in these times.

I feel sure that the Daily Sun will get some letters attempting to explain this phenomenon. Hopefully, they are more informed than the letter from the lady rationalizing that we seniors should not like the Affordable Care Act because it lacks bipartisan support.

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