How do we protect citizens from citizens

“Build the wall, crime will fall.” We are to believe a $5.7 billion wall will protect citizens of the United States from murder at the hands of an illegal immigrant.

Las Vegas, 59 dead; Borderline Bar, 13 dead; Pittsburgh Synagogue, 11 dead; Sutherland Springs, 27 dead; Parkland, 17 dead; Santa Fe High School, 10 dead; Sandy Hook Elementary, 28 dead; University of Texas tower, 18 dead; Columbine, 15 dead; Emanuel African Methodist, 9 dead; Lubys, 24 dead; McDonald’s, 22 dead; Aurora theater, 12 dead; Washington Navy yard, 13 dead; Binghamton, 14 dead; Edmond post office, 15 dead; Isla Vista, 7 dead; Florida bank, 5 dead; Pulse Nightclub, 49 dead; Fort Hood, 14 dead.

The list is almost endless — even in the less than five mass shootings that were committed by non-citizens, none of those shooters were here illegally or Hispanic. So why do the victims of citizens of the United States deserve less outrage and demands for solutions than victims of illegal immigrants? The deaths of Mollie Tibbetts and Officer Singh are tragic, as are all the deaths listed and not listed, but we aren’t willing to even try to prevent deaths by gun perpetrated against citizens by citizens?

If you lose a loved one to an illegal immigrant, you are promised a wall, if you lose someone to a U.S. citizen you get thoughts and prayers. Where do we build the wall to protect ourselves from each other?


AZ Daily Sun February 4, 2019

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