• Polling shows that the public has not been impressed with Trump’s response to the plight of their fellow Americans in Puerto Rico, with only 32% supporting his handling of Hurricane Maria recovery.
  • Trump managed to throw the island’s government under the bus multiple times while in Puerto Rico to survey the damage.

o    He said Puerto Ricans “have to give us more help” before patting himself on the back for what he believes to be a “great” to a major natural disaster.

o    Trump tried to diminish the significance of the hurricane’s damage by comparing the death toll of Maria to Katrina.

o    The President thought it would be a good idea to tell suffering Puerto Ricans that they’ve “thrown our budget a little out of whack.”

  • Trump went days without publicly acknowledging the almost 3.5 million American citizens that are trying to recover from a major natural disaster and remain in desperate need of assistance.
  • Whenever he takes to Twitter to talk about Hurricane Maria, he ignores the human element of the disaster and coldly focuses on Puerto Rico’s infrastructure and debt crisis and boasts about his Administration’s “great” response to the crisis.
  • Puerto Ricans are Americans and should immediately receive the same treatments and resources that any state would receive while facing a humanitarian crisis.

Those living on the island, who may have lost their homes and property, now face months without power, a devastated agricultural infrastructure, and a long recovery process. Trump has shown no empathy for these conditions.


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