Ideologues use scare tactics for self-interest


Posted in the Arizona Daily Sun: Wednesday, August 17, 2011


To the editor:

We were treated to an anti-Obama Medicare ad in the Arizona Daily Sun and now a mass mailing that reads, “Balance the Budget on the Backs of Seniors.” This message is peddled by Paul Gosar and the “American Action Network.”

Could this “NETWORK” be wealthy health care providers, big pharmacuical corporations, medical device manufacturers, and our friends in the Republican Party?

We have a wonderful health care system that produces miracles. Unfortunately, an estimated 44 million of us citizens (many of them children) can’t afford it. There is a role for private industry and government in health care. Unfortunately, powerful special interests and congressional ideologues want to scare us into believing any government role in health care is bad.

It is ironic that these self-same Republicans want to balance the budget on the backs of poor and middle-class Americans by refusing to repeal unjustified tax breaks for big corporations and mega-millionaires.


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