If you care, then do something

Do you care about climate change? The ecological crisis? Mass extinction? Tiny plastic particles falling from the sky? Do you think our leaders are doing anything about it? Do they care?

I have written elected leaders in the state of Arizona and Congress on this issue. Most haven’t responded. Senators Sinema and McSally, respond with statements about “common-sense energy policy.” Basically more of the same. We must end fossil fuels, reform agriculture and redesign our transportation system to be more efficient, not just bigger roads.

I met with a representative of one of our state senators. The message I got was that climate change isn’t a priority; people hardly ever contact the senator about it. Most calls are about the military, veterans or health care.

Now I wonder, “Where are all of you? Where are all you people who care about climate change and the environment? I am sure you are out there. What are you doing about it? Eating locally grown food? Driving a hybrid car? Recycling? If you care so much, why don’t our leaders know? Why do you not write them? E-mail them? Call them on the phone?”

You might say, “I care, but those politicians are all bought by fossil fuel companies, huge corporations, the rich. They won’t care about issues like this.”

My answer: “Maybe so, let’s not bother trying. Remember all those movements started by a large group of cynics who did nothing because there was no point? Heroes they were. They changed the world.”

Wait, that did not happen.

People like you must do something. Actual people tore down the Berlin Wall, overthrew tyrants around the world, and fought for you and me the right to give our opinion. It takes one person to start a movement. To make a change. To save the world.



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