Important Statewide Races

Need to light a fire to get excited about working on this election?

Consider these statewide races:

Our Secretary of State is the #2 Executive Branch official — he or she steps up to be Governor if the Governor leaves for any reason (and that’s happened a few times in recent memory.)  The Secretary of State also determines how fair and accessible our election process is.  The Republicans have put forward a California import named Steve Gaynor. Gaynor advocates for repeal of the 1975 provision of the Federal Voting Rights Act because he opposes printing ballots in any language except English. Read more about Good-Ole-Boy Steve. On our side, we have veteran state legislator and social worker Katie Hobbs.  Katie was educated at Northern Arizona University. She’s been a social worker for 25 years. Katie was elected to the Arizona House in 2010 and to the Arizona Senate in 2012, where she became Minority Leader in 2014.  As Secretary of State, Katie will fight to provide all Arizonans access to the ballot. Her administrative experience will restore efficient service to Arizona businesses which have seen the basic services provided by the Secretary of State deteriorate under the present administration. Learn more about Katie Hobbs.

The Arizona Attorney General serves as the chief legal officer of the State. The Attorney General’s Office represents and provides legal advice to most State agencies; enforces consumer protection and civil rights laws; and prosecutes certain crimes. Arizona has a great opportunity to elect January Contreras, who has served as a Deputy County Attorney for the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, as an Assistant Arizona Attorney General, as a policy advisor to Governor Napolitano, as an Assistant Director at the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS), and in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security under Napolitano before coming back to Arizona to found a non-profit organization dedicated to kids and young adults who have survived trauma, homelessness, and the foster care system, ensuring that they have access to lawyers who will fight for them. Her priorities couldn’t be more different from the incumbent Mark Brnovich, who has spent taxpayer funds repeatedly losing in court in attempts to advance the agenda of the radical right and is currently suing to eliminate healthcare protections for pre-existing conditions.

Our candidate for State Treasurer is attorney Mark Manoil who has innovative plans for investments in community banks instead of Wall Street, affordable student loans, and investment in infrastructure and homes. Mark is a native Arizonan with an M.B.A. and a law degree from ASU.  His opponent is Kimberly Yee, a Republican state legislator.

For State Superintendent of Public Instruction, we have an outstanding candidate in teacher and special education advocate Kathy Hoffman. Her opponent is Frank Riggs, a former 5-term Republican Congressman from California.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a State Mine Inspector who actually knows about mining? That would be our candidate, Bill Pierce.  Incidentally, he opposes uranium mining in Northern Arizona. While in office, the incumbent, Joe Hart, was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence after a fight with his nephew.  Hart wasn’t qualified to be a mine inspector until he was elected and had the law changed to fit his profile and he doesn’t believe in fines for safety violations. He’s accepted thousands from mining lobbyists and needs to be removed from office.

Our candidates for Corporation Commission —Sandra Kennedy and Kiana Sears — won’t put up with more APS shenanigans and will promote clean energy innovations.  Sandra has served on the Commission in the past, as well as in the State Legislature, and Kiana has the education and experience to do the job. It’s time we cut the lobbyists’ control of our Corporation Commission. IMPORTANT: There are two seats open on the Arizona Corporation Commission and we have two candidates — Kennedy and Sears. VOTE FOR 2!

Let’s get out and work to make leadership in Arizona work for the people of Arizona — elect Democrats!

Read more about our candidates here.



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