Introducing Democratic Party Action!

We are combining the Be Informed Breakfasts with the former Democratic Women’s Club to form a new organization called the Democratic Party Action! Our purpose is to have monthly informational meetings on topics that are coming up for action at the city, county, and regional level. We hope to inspire informed actions: to educate and then act.

At our first meeting, on Thursday, Sept 10. at Noon at Buster’s (on the bar side), we will have lunch and a discussion of the City Charter election on November 3. We want to encourage a large turnout for this election. It will determine whether city elections will be in November on even (election) years or in May on odd — numbered years.This will impact turnout in local elections for years to come. Celia, Eva and any others are invited to speak about the issue.

Our second meeting will be Monday, Oct 12. at 5:15 PM at Buster’s for cocktails to discuss Water Rates, which will also be on an upcoming city agenda. We will invite speakers.

Our third meeting will be Saturday, Nov 21. from 10:30-Noon at the Coconino County Democratic Office on Agassiz and Birch at the Ice House. We will discuss Equal Pay for Equal Work. We are expecting action on a proposal before the city council this fall. Celia Barotz, Eva Putzova, and Katherine Yelle will have further information. We welcome all to come discuss and learn!

**We are trying different days and times to reach a broader participation. We will take a survey after three months to determine whether to continue varying the dates and times or whether to settle on a regular time. We also welcome suggestions of topics which can be followed by actions. We will meet quarterly to decide on agenda items.**

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