Is this the America we really want?

How do we envision America’s future? Will we embrace education, diversity, critical thinking, pluralism, respect for all?

Living in a democracy is not easy. It takes diligence, patience, participation and compromise. Do we truly love our country when we say “love it or leave it” or “go back to your own country” as our president recently said to four elected U.S. Representatives who had simply expressed their opposition to his immigration policies? Is this the America we want?

If we love our country and want to make it stronger we must, as good citizens, confront our faults and try and change our mistakes. As individuals we strive to learn and improve. As a country we must do the same in order to grow a more inclusive, civil and emotionally healthy politic. We all learn from mistakes and missteps and so can the country. Hate never solves anything. It corrupts. It divides. Hate and hate speech is the antithesis of a healthy democracy.



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