Joint Meeting of BOS and City of Flagstaff Council

 The County Board of Supervisors and Flagstaff City Council Met in Joint Session on April 28, 2021

  1. Legalization of Recreational Marijuana

State vote: yes: 60% no: 40%, County vote: yes: 65% no:35%.  Everyone 21 yo and over can possess 1 oz on their person. Individuals can grow, cultivate and transport up to 6 plants.

  1. Coordination of the Flagstaff Regional Plan 2045

The City and County both use the Flagstaff Regional Plan to make coordinated land use decisions, such as annexations, rezoning cases, new subdivisions and use permits, as the County’s Comprehensive Plan does not have a future land use map. Planning efforts with the City of Flagstaff, Coconino County and community partners that directly use the data, assumptions and policies of the Regional Plan include:

  1. City Specific Plans: Southside, La Plaza Vieja, John Wesley Powell Area, High Occupancy Housing, etc. 
  2. County Area Plans: Bellemont, Doney Park-Timberline-Fernwood, Fort Valley, Mountainaire, and Kachina Village 
  3. Metroplan Regional Transportation Plan 
  4. Mountain Line 5-year Strategic Plan 
  5. City of Flagstaff Water Services 100-year Water supply study, submitted to ADEQ every 5 years 
  6. City of Flagstaff Climate Change Action and Adaptation Plan and Carbon Neutrality Plan ∑
  7. City of Flagstaff Active Transportation Master Plan

 Also, it is common for community non-profits and businesses to reference the Regional Plan in their long ranging planning efforts, such as the Flagstaff Trails Initiative.

Of Interest in Planning

Appendix B: Stakeholder Assessment Flagstaff population estimate 2020: 75,219 Age Characteristics Median Age 25.8 years old Flagstaff youth population (under 18): 12,085 NAU Fall 2020 enrollment: 21,495 Flagstaff Population age 65 years old and over: 6,527 Other Characteristics Flagstaff Households that Speak a language other than English at home: 9,941 (6,390 Spanish and the remainder are other) Population estimate 2020 within the Metroplan boundary but outside the City: To be determined with the 2020 Census redistricting data release in September 2021

  1. Jointly Funded Dark Sky Specialist PositioN Position will focus on compliance to dark sky outdoor ordinances and educate builders, businesses and homeowners on the dark sky requirements.
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