Kavanaugh Part of Larger Attack on US 

There is ample evidence that Kavanaugh knowingly lied under oath to senators, and his temperament in doing so is not fit for the Supreme Court. An unprecedented number of institutions have come out against his nomination including the National Council of Churches, Yale Law School, the American Bar Association, over 1000 law professors, and the largest Jesuit magazine.

It is no criticism of the FBI to state the obvious: The Flake-induced second background check is more of a coverup than an investigation because the White House and McConnell restricted the FBI’s professional inquiry. The list of witnesses whom the FBI did not contact is long and they are telling their stories: That “boofing” does not mean barfing; that “Devil’s Triangle” is not a drinking game, and that “Bart” blacked out often in spite of his testimony to the contrary.

It’s not so much these behaviors in college and high school that matter — though surely, we could do better in a Supreme Court judge — but that he voraciously lied about them under oath as an adult.

That brings us to the ultimate lie: That he did not attempt to rape Dr. Ford. She took a polygraph; anyone who watched her testimony found it credible. She testified she’s 100 percent sure it was him.

Kavanaugh’s appointment will taint the Supreme Court, and that may well be one of Trump’s intentions: To install a loyalist who not only will protect him, but also will diminish trust in the one remaining branch of government that is doing anything to keep Trump in check. The danger to our country goes well beyond Kavanaugh.

This is part of a pattern of the Trump Administration and the power-hungry Republican Congress led by Mitch McConnell. Their goal is a creeping undermining of public trust in institutions until there is nothing left but their oligarchy. Our only hope to stop it: Vote.


Source: Kavanaugh would diminish trust in Supreme Court, Arizona Daily Sun

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