AZ Legislative Alert- 1/17/2021

Request to Speak is a unique tool that the AZ state legislature has available for Arizonians to make comments opposing or supporting bills making their way through the legislature. To learn more about Request to Speak visit

To use Request to Speak visit


SB 1175 and HB 2248 – OPPOSE – Would strip the Corporation Commission (ACC) of the ability to enact policies that would promote renewable energy efforts in Arizona over the next several years.  These bills are “mirror” bills moving in both houses to reduce public comment.  Please oppose both bills.


SB 1010 – OPPOSE – Would order a recount of any election if requested by anyone who was willing to post a bond to pay for the recount.  The recount could be asked for, for any reason.

SB 10 69 – OPPOSE – Would permanently drop voters from the permanent early voting list (PEVL) if they failed to vote in two back to back electons.

HB 2039 – OPPOSE – Would double the percentage of ballots that would have to be counted by hand.  This would increase the cost and complexity of recounts that are totally unnecessary.  The reasons given to oppose by CEBV needs additional support.

HB 2054 – OPPOSE – Would require the SOS to purge deceased voters and there is a great potential for voters to be removed by mistake and the requirement is unnecessary. The reasons given to oppose by CEBV needs additional support.


SB 1097 – SUPPORT – Would let students have excused absences for mental health reasons.  

SB 1041 – OPPOSE – Would quadruple over 3 years the amount Arizona spends on a specific type of corporate School Tuition Organization (STO) tax credit and then tie it’s growth to inflation afterwards.  This is a tax break for corporations to give money to private schools.  This overturns a bi-partisan agreement to cap these credits last year.  This takes money from public education to fund private schools.

HB 2015 – SUPPORT – Would appropriate money to replace money missing federal preschool funding.   This funding is a critical need to preschools and to return us to previous funding levels.

HCR 2005 – SUPPORT – Would repeal that students be taught in English only.  By repealing this it would help some 80,000 students that have shown a poor graduation percentage.  

HB 2137 – SUPPORT – Would extend time and allocates money for the Department of Education to plan for dyslexia screening and train teachers.


HCR 2001 – OPPOSE – Would eliminate any type of comprehensive problem solving via initiatives and place unreasonable restrictions on initiatives by requiring initiatives to be limited to a single topic.

HCR 2002 – OPPOSE – Would support a constitutional amendment to limit the US Supreme Court to nine justices.  This issue is appropriately dealt with by the US Congress and does not require a constitutional amendment. 

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