The Arizona Legislature convenes Monday and it’s already a threat. Urgent action needed on one Resolution. Be alert on other specific issues. Read more below.


HCR 2002 – OPPOSE – Non-binding resolution that declares Arizona Legislature’s support for a constitutional amendment limiting the U.S. Supreme Court to nine justices.  In 2016 Governor Doug Ducey expanded the Arizona Supreme Court from 5 to 7 members so that he could “stack” the court with conservative votes.  In 2016, McConnell refused to consider President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland who was submitted 9 months before the general election saying he wanted the people to decide.  In 2020, McConnell rammed through President Trump’s nominee weeks before the general election – hence Republicans have “stacked” the U.S. Supreme Court as well.

Phone Calls Monday AM

Contact the Speaker of the AZ House (Rusty Bowers) and the President of the AZ Senate (Karen Fann) to ask them to refuse to seat the seven legislators who are promoting the lie that Trump won both Arizona and the Nation on November 3. We suggest you do this via a phone all on Monday morning since e-mails are too easy to ignore.

Contact House Speaker – Rusty Bowers                  602-926-3128

Contact Senate President – Karen Fann                       602-926-5874

Demand that they refuse to seat the following Representatives and Senators or, at the very least, remove them from all committee assignments and responsibilities.  This should be done since these legislators back the “Stop the Steal” effort which claims, without evidence, that Trump won both Arizona and the Nation on November 3.  They also materially support the insurrection of those who stormed the U.S. Capital building on January 6.  By their actions, they have demonstrated that they are unfit and dangerous to hold public office.

Mark Finchem                  Representative – LD 11

David Cook                        Representative – LD 8

Walt Blackman                 Representative – LD 6

Wendy Rogers                  Senator                – LD 6

Kelly Townsend                Senator                – LD 16

Sonny Borelli                     Senator                – LD 5     Majority Whip

David Livingston               Senator                – LD 22



SB 1010 – OPPOSE – Would allow anyone to request a recount of an election, through tabulation machines or by hand, and regardless of the margin of victory, as long as they post a bond to cover the cost.

SB 1023 – OPPOSE – Would ban a county board of supervisors from requiring the use of specific markers on paper ballots, and preemptively bans any markers that may bleed through.  Known as the “sharpiegate” bill, use of some markers could ruin expensive taxpayer-funded equipment, slow tabulation, bloat lines and generally increase ballot issues.

SB 1069 – OPPOSE – Would strip voters from the permanent early voting list if they fail to vote their early ballots in two back-to-back primary and general elections.  Clearly a voter suppression tactic.

HB 2014 – OPPOSE – Would allow anyone to ask the Governor’s Regulatory Review Council (GRRC) to review a Clean Elections practice, action or rule, based upon nothing more than the person’s belief that it exceeds the agency’s authority or violates Arizona’s Constitution.  A clear attempt to prevent the disclosure of dark money or any other attempt to keep our elections clean.

HCR 2001 – OPPOSE – Would ask voters to limit initiatives in Arizona to a single subject or be invalidated.  If passed this proposition would severely limit the scope and effectiveness of voter initiated propositions for all time to come.


SB 1041 – OPPOSE – Would quadruple over 3 years the amount Arizona spends on a specific type of corporate STO tax credit (from $5 million to $20 million), then tie its growth to 2% or inflation.  These tax credits reduce the state’s general fund and allows the State Government to decline to fund legitimate state responsibilities with the argument they don’t have the money.


SB 1058 – OPPOSE – Would require schools to publish a list of every resource they used in classrooms the previous year.  This massive requirement would lead to hundreds of hours per teacher and classroom.  This bill is being pushed by the right-wing dark-money lobbying organization Goldwater Institute.

HB 2015 – SUPPORT – Would appropriate money to replace missing federal preschool funding over a 3 year period.


SCR 1001 – OPPOSE – Resolution to repeal Governor Ducey’s executive order declaring a state of emergency over COVID-19.  With Arizona currently the top global hotspot for coronavirus cases we need more attention to this issue not less.

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