Legislative Alert – Coronavirus Emergency


Contact our House representatives (and the House Speaker, Bowers) and demand they pass a real relief package that helps those in actual need.  Calling once per day may not be enough – try calling several times each day until they act.

Thank our LD-7 Legislators for supporting good bills.

These are the bills we currently know about:

HB 2910 & SB 1693 – SCHOOLS PROVISION, COVID19 – These bills close the schools until March 29 and provide guidance on what to do if the schools remain closed after March 29 (which is almost certainly the case).  HB 2910 passed both chambers and has been sent to the Governor.  It provides for continued pay of employees, waives the requirement for a certain number of days, cancels statewide assessment if schools remain closed after March 29, no new “grading” of the schools, waives third grade reading assessment, and other flexibility measures.

HB 2911 & SB 1694 – Unemployment Covid19 Relief Package – The Senate passed its version but the House did not and it will be considered on Monday, 3/23.  These bills authorize DES to establish alternative requirements for gaining eligibility for unemployment insurance due to business closures, layoffs, infection with the virus and so on.  The Arizona Senate passed a $50 million relief plan – that was consistent with the Federal guidelines.  The Arizona House balked at passing this bill.  It should be noted that the $50 million is coming from the “rainy day” fund which currently has $1 Billion in it.  The amount seems inadequate for the need.  It should be noted that the economic impact of Covid19 is not limited to those eligible for unemployment insurance.  There is extensive economic impact on self-employed people, for persons in the “gig” economy such as independent contractors and hourly workers, persons whose retirement incomes has dropped and others who are not eligible for unemployment.

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