Legislative Alerts ~ Week of April 22, 2019

Please contact your legislators regarding these bills. The legislature is behind — which should mean a busy week. And, they have yet to seriously start of the big enchilada — The Budget.

Education Bills

SB 1485 – SUPPORT – Bill would end the 20% annual automatic growth of corporate private school tax credits by gradually decreasing the cap to 2% or inflation over the next 5 years.

SB 1149 – OPPOSE – Bill would increase governing  board’s authority to deny enrollment to suspended students who are trying to transfer.  Many believe this would be used mainly against minority students.

SB 1161 – OPPOSE – Bill would require School Facilities Board to publish, yearly, a list of unused or partially used school spaces AND would require school districts to accept bids from charter schools for that space if the charter school was the LOWEST bidder.

SB 1099 – SUPPORT – Bill would prohibit schools from denying access to “patriotic” groups who wish to speak for limited periods in a public school.  “Patriotic” groups include Big Brothers-Big Sisters, Boys and Girls Clubs, Girl Scouts of the USA, Little League Baseball, etc.

SB 1173 – SUPPORT – Bill would continue to provide supplemental child care assistance to parents who go back to school to further their employment goals.

HB 2647, Support, puts a cap of $500 on liquidated damages and restricts districts ability to go after a teacher’s certification.

HB 2650, Support, would require all school districts to provide contracts to current teachers between March 15-May 15 for the next school year and inform probationary teachers of non renewal by April 15.  This would reinstate contract law that was repealed in 2009.

HB 2032 – OPPOSE – Bill further prohibits teachers from using speech or curricula during school time to influencing or changing a students political ideology or religious belief.

SB 1320, SB 1395, Oppose, no to new vouchers, respect Arizona voters.

Other Important Bills

SB 1188 OPPOSE – Bill would remove people from the Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL) if they don’t vote by early ballot, BY MAIL,  in the last two election cycles!! This takes the “Permanent” out of PEVL and penalizes those who drop their mail ballots at election office locations instead of mailing them back.

HB 2616 – OPPOSE – Bill would prohibit payment by signature to individuals for registering voters and would require the voter registrations to be turned in within 10 days or the person doing the registering will go to jail!! Discourages voter registration efforts.

SB 1451 – OPPOSE – This bill would make it almost impossible to get ballot initiatives onto the ballot by making the petition process very complex and difficult.

SB 1173 – SUPPORT – Bill would continue to provide supplemental child care assistance to parents who go back to school to further their employment goals.

HB 2125 – SUPPORT – Bill would release Federal Funds to Arizona for Child Care – the amount is $56 million

HB 2724 – OPPOSE – This bill is a direct attach on the Arizona Clean Elections Board by making any rule developed eligible to be challenged by anyone – resolution to be decided by the Governor’s Regulatory Review Council (GRRC) – guess we know how that will turn out.

SB 1040 – SUPPORT – Bill would establish a committee to recommend improvements to information collection concerning the incidence and causes of maternal fatalities and severe maternal morbidity.

SB 1468 – SUPPORT – Bill would require suicide prevention training for all school personnel who work with students from grad 6 through 12.

HB 2183 – SUPPORT – Bill to establish a memorial for Frances Munds, a key person in Arizona’s effort to gain women’s suffrage – all privately funded of course.

Your Decide This One — Available for RTS

HB 2617 – YOU DECIDE – This bill would give our state’s power companies a tax break for installing battery storage facilities.  Solar energy is good and battery storage for that power is important.  However, this tax break decreases state revenue to the general fund that is used for schools, and other important state spending.  APS just got a $95 Million rate hike, a separate rate hike for solar customers, and we’ve recently learned APS spent 12.9 million in political efforts to stack the Corporation Commission.  So, is this tax break going to drive economic growth or just give APS more money to spend on politics?  You decide.

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