LEGISLATIVE ALERTS ~ Week of March 25, 2019

Things are heating up in Phoenix and it’s not just the temperature. This is a long list, but it’s filled with important stuff from top to bottom.

Use Request to Speak (RTS):

SB 1149 – SUPPORT – Slow down the use of Tax Credits by requiring a review by a bipartisan commission

HB 2125 – SUPPORT – Obtain child care funds from Federal Government at no cost to the State.

SB 1217 – SUPPORT – Establishes a DREAMER in-state tuition at universities

HB 2186 – SUPPORT – House version of DREAMER in-state tuition

SB 1310 – SUPPORT – Eases release requirements for prisoners convicted of marijuana offenses or some other drug offenses and who have completed a drug treatment program.

SB 1090 – OPPOSE – Strips powers from county recorders to deal with emergency voting centers

SB 1188 – OPPOSE – Removes voters from PEVL if they don’t vote in both a primary and a general election.

HB 2039 – OPPOSE – Creates unnecessary work for county recorders by going after the red herring of federal-only voting.

HB 2616 – OPPOSE – Prohibits paying someone on a per signature basis for voter registration and requires registrations be turned in within 10 days and requires a criminal penalty for being late.

HB 2724 – OPPOSE – Attempts to weaken the Citizens Clean Elections Commission

SB 1451 – OPPOSE – Makes statewide ballot measures much more difficult to execute

SB 1366 – OPPOSE – Exempts some software for data centers from taxes – retroactive to 2013 – yet another way to reduce the general fund

SB 1291 – OPPOSE – Legalizes nunchuku, a traditional martial arts weapon

SB 1437 – SUPPORT – Part of nationwide effort to smooth the transition and re-entry of persons coming out of prison to secure productive employment.

SB 1468 – SUPPORT – Would require the development of suicide awareness and prevention training programs at school districts, charter schools and Arizona teacher training programs.

HB2055 – SUPPORT –  This expands situations to apply to juvenile court to set aside a delinquency or incorrigibility adjudication or seek destruction of juvenile records.

HB 2523 – OPPOSE – Lowers minimum wage on students working part time to $7.25 per hour.

HB 2547 – OPPOSE – Creates a new state agency to manage federal public lands to promote business interests – seems to be an ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) effort to promote the interests of big corporations.

HB 2570 – SUPPORT – Creates a committee to study murders of native American women and girls.

SB 1173 – SUPPORT – Provides for continued supplemental child care assistance to parents who go back to school to further their employment goals.

SCR 1008 – Would ask voters to approve the creation of a Lt. Governor position

Contact your legislators listed below if any of the above bills are not available via RTS


  Sylvia Allen                                                 602-926-5409

  Bob Thorpe  –                                         602-926-5219

  Walt Blackman –                                602-926-3043

  Jamescita Peshlakai (D) LD7  ( 602) 926-5160

  Arlando Teller (D) LD7                              (602) 926-3069

  Myron Tsosie (D) LD7                              602-926-3157

Call or Write the Legislators on These Bills

SB 1088 – SUPPORT – Provides comprehensive dental coverage through Medicaid for pregnant women 21 years of age and older.

SB 1097 – SUPPORT – Provides chiropractic services under Medicaid.

SB 1353 – SUPPORT – Provides diabetes management for Medicaid recipients

SB 1355 – SUPPORT – Provide dental care for Native Americans under Medicaid

SB 1460 – OPPOSE – Exempts digital goods and services from sales taxes – further reduces general fund by some $120 million per year.

HCR 2022 – OPPOSE – Would allow for an Article V constitution convention – something that would very likely lead to a TOTAL REWRITE of the US Constitution.

HB 2026 — OPPOSE — “Muzzling Teachers” — This bill threatens teacher’s ability to talk about social justice or “controversial” issues.  HELD in the Senate committee last week.

SB 1395 — OPPOSE Voucher Expansion Bill – Has March 29th deadline in House and no movement in Senate as of yet, which is good. 

SB 1485 — SUPPORT — Caps STOs (School tuition tax credits) Passed committee in House 8-1.

SCR 1014 – OPPOSE – Senate version of Article V constitutional convention

SB 1040 – SUPPORT – Establish a committee to look into the causes of maternal fatalities – in AZ 20 women die from child birth for every 100,000 live births and 89% of those deaths are preventable.

SB 1250 – SUPPORT – Enhances sexual assault protection order effectiveness

HB 2693 – STRONGLY OPPOSE – Allows carrying loaded weapons in a vehicle on school grounds when dropping off or picking up students.

HB 2609 – OPPOSE – Allows greatly expanded exploitation of ground water pumping to support developments by out of state developers at the expense of local ordinances to the contrary.

HB 2013 – SUPPORT – Provide annual funding for the development and implementation of measures that maintain, enhance and restore rivers, streams and wildlife habitats.

HB 2646 – SUPPORT – Will work to improve access to broadband connectivity in rural and tribal areas.

HB 2186 – SUPPORT – Requires school meals be provided without bullying or harassing students


Doug Ducey     E-mail: https://azgovernor.gov/engage/form/contact-governor-ducey      Tel:(602)542-4331

SB 1072 – OPPOSE – Requires photo ID at early voting centers – clearly a way to make voting more difficult.


            Nancy Barto – 602-926-5766 

            House Health Chair

SB 1060 – SUPPORT – REQUEST A HEARING – Adds vaping and e-cigarettes to AZ’s second-hand smoking laws.

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