Legislative Alerts ~ Week of May 6

All the bills listed below could be submitted for floor votes at anytime.  Be prompt with your contacts with our representatives. Education bills appear in a separate list at the end after the general list.

The budget is being worked on now in the Legislature.  Contact your representatives and let them know your priorities.  Some ideas might be:

  • Education – 20% raise for teachers, restore base funding to 2008 levels.
  • Social Safety Net – no request for waives to require work for AHCCCS (Medicaid)
  • Voting – full funding for county recorders to do their work
  • Social Services – full funding of 2-1-1 phone system – system that connects people to social services resources such as shelters for homeless people.

Contact your legislators NOW:

LD6 Legislators:

LD-6 Legislators (all Republicans)

LD7 Legislators:

LD-7 Legislators (all Democrats)

HB 2358 – OPPOSE – This bill would allow landlords to take government money designed as a subsidy for housing and keep it and still evict the tenant if they don’t meet the entire amount.  Landlords taking public money and then allowed to create homeless citizens!!

HB 2570 – SUPPORT – The bill establishes a committee to investigate missing and murdered indigenous women.

SB 1040 – SUPPORT – This bill establishes a study committee on maternal mortality.

SB 1161 – OPPOSE – Bill would require School Facilities Boards to publish a list of vacant or partially used school spaces each year.  These spaces can then be bid on by Charter Schools.  Bill is being pushed by the Chamber of Commerce.  Opponents contend it is just another way to undermine public schools.

SB 1147 – OPPOSE – This bill is a Big Tobacco backed measure – it raises the age limit on tobacco and vaping to 21 and a couple other good things BUT then it moves to deregulate tobacco restrictions imposed by various cities throughout Arizona – Opponents say this measure would set the fight against smoking and cancer back decades!!

SB 1149 – OPPOSE – This bill gives governing boards more authority to deny enrollments to suspended students who are trying to transfer.  Opponents contend that this will be used mainly against minority students.

SB 1173 – SUPPORT – Measure requires that child care assistance (transition off welfare) continue to be provided to persons receiving it who then enrolls in educational programs to aid in employment.

SB 1188 – OPPOSE – This would take a person off the Permanent Early Voting List if the voter fails to vote using an early ballot for a period of two consecutive primary and general elections.  Clearly designed to disenfranchise voters.  PLEASE STRONGLY OPPOSE THIS WITH OUR REPRESENTATIVES!!

SB 1349 – OPPOSE – This measure would suck more money from public schools for private corporations!!

SB 1334 – SUPPORT – Prohibits a court from sentencing a defendant as a repetitive offender unless the defendant was convicted and sentenced for a historical prior felony before the person committed the present offense.

SB 1355 – SUPPORT – Would bring dental care into the AHCCS program from American Indians.

SB 1451 – OPPOSE – This bill would make it almost impossible to get ballot initiatives onto the ballot by making the petition process very complex and difficult.  THIS MEASURE NEEDS YOUR ACTION TO CONTACT OUR REPRESENTATIVES AND ENERGETICALLY OPPOSE!!!

SB 1468 – SUPPORT – This bill provides for suicide prevention training in all public schools and universities.

OPPOSE HCR 2005: would doom the citizen initiative process in Arizona, especially for grassroots like SOS AZ.

Education Bills

OPPOSE SB 1349: introducing private school vouchers by another name.

OPPOSE SB 1149: would permit a district to refuse to admit a pupil who is currently or is in the process of being suspended from another school.

OPPOSE SCR 1023: this also would doom the citizen initiative process in Arizona, especially for grassroots like SOSAZ.

SUPPORT SB 1230: appropriates $5million to fund Special Education grants for public schools.

SUPPORT SB 1485: offers a more responsible use of tax dollars by keeping funds in the budget so that the state can better support public education.

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