Legislative Alerts -Week of March 3, 2019

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HB 2186 – SUPPORT – Would outlaw actions that bring attention to students who are unable to pay for a school meal.

HCR2005 – OPPOSE – Would ask voters to restrict initiative and referendum processes by requiring ballot measures to collect signatures from a percentage of voters in each of Arizona’s 30 legislative districts – virtually killing any initiative process from ever working.

HB2570 – SUPPORT – Creates a committee to study murders of indigenous women and girls and submit a detailed report to the Governor and State Legislators.

HB 2616 – OPPOSE – Makes it illegal for anyone to receive money or other compensation for registering people to vote.  Apparently includes DMV employees and county recorders, etc.!

SB 1072 – OPPOSE – Would impose photo ID requirements on voters who cast ballots at voting centers (common centers rather than assigned polling place).  Photo ID’s is a common practice to suppress votes.

SB 1001 – OPPOSE – Repeals last year’s law that set a vehicle registration fee to repair crumbling roads and bridges in Arizona.

SB 1149 – SUPPORT – Would require the joint legislative income tax credit review committee to evaluate whether adequate protections are in place to ensure that the fiscal impact of a credit in future years will not substantially increase beyond projections.  A baby step toward accouintability in the tax credit arena.

HB 2038 – OPPOSE – Exempts lobbyists from having to report the true cost of lawmakers attendance at events as expenditures.  Would require on the cost of food and drink and not the admission price.  Clearly directed at reducing the visibility of ALEC conference attendances.


            Bob Thorpe  –                             602-926-5219

            Walt Blackman –                    602-926-3043

HB 2693 – OPPOSE – Allows parents to bypass gun-free zones at public schools and keep loaded and unlocked weapons within reach in their cars while dropping off and picking up children.

HCR2022 – OPPOSE – Calls for a constitutional convention for term limits.  A constitutional convention, as argued by Antonin Scalia, would have no way to limit the scope of such a constitutional revision process and a whole new government and constitution could be the result!!


            Sylvia Allen                                     602-926-5409

SB 1451 – OPPOSE – Would institute registration of out-of-state signature collectors and require all petitions for statewide initiatives and referenda to be organized and grouped by circulator.  Clearly an extra burden on campaigns meant to reduce the initiative process effectiveness.

SB 1485 – SUPPORT – Would end the 20% annual automatic growth of corporate private school tax credits (STO’s) by gradually decreasing the cap to 2% or inflation over the next 5 years.  Slowing the growth in STO’s is critical because at the current rate it will double every four years!

SCR1008 – OPPOSE – Creates a Lieutenant governor position in Arizona – ensures that in the event of the Governor being replaced the new governor would be of the same party.

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