Legislative Looney Toons




State Legislative District 6 (including much of Coconino County) has become the butt of many jokes because of the absurd extremists who are our State Legislators. Brenda Barton and Bob Thorpe are not just an embarrassment to their district, but also to their Party, and to Arizona.
Barton, who does not even live in this district, has compared the President of the United States to Hitler, Pol Pot, and other absolute dictators. This is an affront to any person capable of rational thought. Her hate filled outbursts lack any relationship to reason nor to the most basic understanding of history. 
Bob Thorpe continues to argue for the elimination of the popular vote for US Senators. Instead, he wants to return this decision process to the smoky back rooms of State Legislatures. The Constitutional Amendment which provided for the popular vote was a “Good Government” reform measure to eliminate corruption and cronyism. Apparently, Thorpe is very keen on turning back the clock rot these bad old days. He has also advocated many other wacky positions, too numerous to name here. 
On the State Senate side, Chester Crandall continues to advocate the seizing of all Federal lands in Arizona, and placing them in the hands of the State. This contravenes our Articles of Statehood, and would put our National Treasures in the hands of a State Government which cannot even keep our highway rest stops open, nor keep our children safe.
On this latter note, the mismanagement of Child Protective Services (CPS) has resulted in hundreds of Child Abuse complaints to go un-investigated. The Republic Leadership, in the Governors office and in the Legislature, is complicit  in this and they must be held responsible.
BUT, instead of working toward improving our State Government and improving the lives of all Arizona residents, our Legislators continue to dabble in extreme proposals which would do great damage to this state.
Had enough? I certainly have.



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