Letter: Restore assault weapons ban

Thank you, teens, for standing up and protesting! Thank you for demanding action, policies and change instead of just thoughts and prayers. Arming teachers with concealed weapons won’t protect any of us against assault weapons. There have been armed people in many of the massacres who were not able to get out their weapons in the seconds or minutes of an assault shooting, eg. the Gabby Giffords shooting. And is a shootout our way of dispensing justice?

Assault weapons need to be banned from civilian use. The Second Amendment was not written for assault weapons. We need to protect our citizens’ safety in today’s world.

It is fine to consider raising the minimum age for buying guns, but not all the assailants have been teens. We set an age for driving cars and we require learning permits and tests before you drive. We have vastly improved the safety of automobiles through legislation. We can do it for guns. Other countries like Australia, Japan and most of the developed countries have done it. The US is the outlier with more guns per capita than any other country.

We can also know which politicians are receiving NRA lobby money and we can vote them out! We need to outlaw secret contributions! We are being run by an internal terrorist cartel that is far more dangerous than immigrants! A $25 billion wall won’t protect us from assault weapon massacres. We need to restore the ban on assault weapons!


Source: Restore assault weapons ban, Arizona Daily Sun

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