Letter to Editor: Military parade a waste

Dear editor,

Our president wants to spend millions on a showy military parade. What are we celebrating? Getting out of Afghanistan and Iraq and bringing our troops home? Raising our debt by trillions of dollars because we gave a tax break to the rich and increased our military spending for more nuclear weapons? Escalating our differences with North Korea and Iran? Spending billions to build a wall between the US and Mexico?

 Does he want goose steps and hail to the chief salutes as well?

I think we are weaker, not stronger as a nation. When do we say NO to the militarization and financial indebtedness of our country?

There are better ways to spend our taxpayer money such as healthcare, education, roads and bridges, and the welfare of our citizens. I would feel more patriotic and prouder of our country if we pulled out of Afghanistan and Iraq and passed a clean Dreamer Act!


Source: Military parade a waste

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