Letter to the editor: An open letter to Senator McSally

Dear Senator McSally,

Your service to our country is highly honorable. Despite enduring sexual assaults in school and undoubtedly discrimination in the U.S. Air Force, you rose to the rank of Colonel. You have fought for women’s rights and other needed changes. And you know right from wrong.

Soon, the Senate will convene in the impeachment trial of President Trump. Senator McConnell has preemptively decided that there will not be any witnesses testifying in this trial. The law of our country is based upon finding the truth before making a decision.

Whether we agree on the Articles or not, they – and not loyalty to any other institution – are the basis of the trial. I respectfully urge that you vote to allow witnesses and cross-examination in the Senate Chambers. I propose that each party be entitled to call three witnesses, enforceable by subpoena and not dismissible by “Executive Privilege”. Let the President, and our country, have a fair trial.

I ask that you do what is right, just as the honorable Senator McCain would have done. Your service speaks of your integrity, now let your integrity speak for what is right. As you speak to your legacy, please, uphold the Constitution.

And per my honesty, I am sharing this letter with the citizens of Arizona.


Doney Park

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