Letter to the Editor: Arizona needs to elect Mark Kelly

Mark Kelly is needed in Washington to represent all of Arizona. As a Navy veteran and a NASA astronaut, he will represent Arizona well in the United States Senate. He is a moderate that understands the political dynamics both at home and in Washington. As he stated in the Arizona Daily Sun, “Before I joined the Navy, I swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution… (Trump) did not live up to that oath when he intimidated witnesses…and … attempted to use his office to influence a foreign government to aid in his re-election.” (1st McSally ad slams Kelly over Impeachment, 2/13/20) Senator McSally also has not lived up to her oath to defend the constitution and to protect our country from a President who broke the law. (GAO states that when Trump withheld military aid from Ukraine, he broke U.S. law)

As the husband of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, he has endured much pain and sorrow since her tragic assassination attempt. He has sought the privilege to serve his neighbors as a U.S. Senator despite knowing the potential dangers first hand.

McSally lost her bid to be Senator in 2018. She was appointed to the position after Senator McCain’s death despite being rejected by voters less than 2 months earlier. She has not served the interests of Arizonans during the Impeachment Trial. She said that the President’s efforts to investigate Hunter Biden were “inappropriate” but she did not have the character to vote guilty. She did not even vote for additional witnesses during the trial, even after John Bolton confirmed that Donald Trump was seeking an investigation of Biden for political gain. “We the People” deserved the right to hear what Mr. Bolton had to say. She lacks the integrity and independence to represent all of Arizona. McSally is the one who failed Arizona in the Impeachment Trial, not Mark Kelly. McSally needs to be replaced.

Mark Kelly is the best candidate for US Senate in the general election. Vote for him on Nov. 3, 2020.




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