Letter to the Editor: CliffsNotes on how we reached this point

People keep asking how did “we” end up here with a failed impeachment of a problematic president with no recourse.

Here’s the CliffsNotes:

Meet Grover Norquist and Club for Growth (google it).

The Club for Growth raises money as a nonprofit.

Then the Club helps elect our public officials with the money they raise IF the candidates signs an agreement never to vote for any tax increase.

Once elected, the officials are terrified of not getting the money so they never vote for increase in taxes.

The public wants health, infrastructure, schools a safety net, and is furious that these are always shrinking.

The public blames the whole thing called “the government.”

The public shows its displeasure by voting for candidates (amply funded by the Club for Growth) who blame “the government” for everything.

We end up with an anti-government government who take money from big money and starve the beast ie. the things the public wants.

The public re-elects the same bunch expecting something different. They get “starve the beast.” That’s called insanity.



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