Letter to the editor: CNN asked Senator McSally the wrong question

Earlier (Friday, Jan. 17) Manu Raju – a CNN reporter – asked Senator McSally whether the Senate should consider new evidence for the impeachment trial. McSally answered: “You’re a liberal hack!”

Yes, we understand, McSally is on edge. And there is a simple reason for McSally’s brisk response: She took Raju’s question as a personal, political attack.

Why so? Well, McSally understands that a Senate trial designed to assure acquittal of the President is a sham trial. She understands that a faithful Senator should pass judgment based on evidence and witness testimony, not based on partisan loyalty. Yet, McSally is prepared to ignore all evidence and all witness testimony and vote along party lines – blatantly disregarding her duty as an impartial juror in the Senate trial. And that is why any question about evidence, to McSally, becomes a personal, political attack.

Clearly, Raju asked the wrong question. He should have asked: “Senator McSally, do you have a soul?”



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