Letter to the Editor: Don’t listen to the President’s COVID-19 cure claims

COVID-19 is a NOT a Chinese Virus. It is a coronavirus that has mutated to become one of the most lethal respiratory infections of this generation. There has been discrimination throughout our country against Chinese and Asian-Americans as a result of President Trump’s racist rhetoric.

Though there is some information about using chloroquine phosphate, an anti-malarial agent, to combat an active infection of COVID-19, it should not be used by anybody at this time. There is not confirmatory research to support the preliminary data that chloroquine is safe to use against this coronavirus. Sadly, there was a death in Phoenix by a man who took chloroquine sulfaten hopes of combating COVID-19. His death is due to the misinformation being spread by our President.

Please wash your hands, don’t touch your face and continue social distancing. It is NOT yet safe to be in public, no matter what the President or other political leaders are suggesting.



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