Letter to the Editor: Let’s remember what we have learned

It is Important that we learn from this pandemic. Our failed federal response, the shutdown of our economy, the loss of jobs, online schooling for our children, our medical system strained to the max and the vulnerable members of our society facing homelessness and food insecurity. Let’s also remember how we checked in on our neighbors, sewed masks and gowns for our healthcare workers, donated to our local shelters/food banks, ordered takeout to keep our favorite restaurants open, and learned to Zoom to connect with family and friends.

As we move forward, let’s continue to put community first and elect leaders that will address our great financial inequities, commit to public education and access to higher education, enact universal healthcare, address the inequities created by racism and bigotry, and recognize that government exists to benefit all. American are optimists. Let’s brush ourselves off, wash our hands, and work together to build a country that works for all and makes us a beacon of hope for the rest of the world.



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