Lordy, Lordy, Mr. Comey

The Twitter-verse has been wild today with comments on the Justice Department Inspector General’s long-awaited report on the supposed misconduct of James Comey, former FBI Director. We here at the Coconino Democrats are not big fans of Mr. Comey, having formed our unfavorable impressions when he jumped onto the national stage in 2016 with inappropriate press conferences that probably turned some voters away from Hillary Clinton. However, the guy has been maligned by Trump and Hannity ever since– both of whom have accused him of criminal conduct. And, that’s just not fair.

So, we turned to some of our favorite legal commentators to explain what happened today — the Lawfare Blog. Here’s their bottom line: ” … the inspector general of the United States Department of Justice [is] taking the position that a witness to gross misconduct by the president of the United States has a duty to keep his mouth shut about what he saw.” Otherwise, Comey is cleared.

Read the full story here: What that Comey Email Report Really Says

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