No Vote on Healthcare Bill Without CBO Scoring

Yet another new amendment to TrumpCare would allow $8 billion more to cover people with pre-existing conditions. No one knows if that’s enough. The bill still allows states to cut essential benefits that are now required under all insurance policies, thus hurting patients who need those benefits by either eliminating them or increasing their costs.

The entire bill hasn’t yet been scored by the Congressional Budget Office, a process that used to be routine before voting. Apparently, Republicans want to rush this vote before Congressmen and their constituents have all the facts that a CBO scoring would provide.

Call, fax, and otherwise contact Senators McCain and Flake and Congressman O’Halleran. If you can make a visit to one of their offices this week, please do so. Contact info for them is linked to their names in the first sentence of this paragraph.

Talking points:

  • Get the facts before voting to repeal and replace. Let the Congressional Budget Office do its job.
  • Don’t push responsibility for patients’ lives to the states. Fix the Affordable Care Act, don’t replace it with something worse.

If you have friends in other states, urge them to make these contacts as well.


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