One More Reason Not to Vote for Walt Blackman

We missed this embarrassment at the time, but now that we see it, it’s perfectly consistent with one-term Rep. Blackman’s attitude and treatment of others. As well as his lack of qualifications to serve.

“I am talking, so that means that you are a radio, and you are receiving right now,” Republican State Representative Walt Blackman said to Zed Therapeutics Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ed Westerfield, during a panel discussion on legalization of marijuana.

But Blackman himself isn’t a good listener: “At a different point, Blackman heckled Westerfield as the doctor stood in front of the crowd to argue cannabis isn’t a gateway drug.”

Blackman also apparently doesn’t know that marijuana and cannabis are the same thing. And, when called on that, the legislator said, “Well, I don’t smoke, so I don’t know.” Typical Blackman, if he hasn’t actually experienced something, it can’t be truth.

‘It Was Almost a Brawl:’ Marijuana Panel Descends Into Fighting and Yelling, Phoenix New Times, October 7, 2019.

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