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Thank you for clarifying exactly who it is our elected GOP representatives actually represent.  In the AP story, “Donors Tell GOP” on June 27, you make it crystal clear why most Americans are so disappointed with their representation in the US Congress. We thought that our votes produced elected officials who respond to the will of the people, yet we repeatedly learn that our wishes are ignored. Polling repeatedly shows Americans favor public goods like good transportation, great public schools, and affordable health care. Instead Congress promises tax cuts to the 1 percent, less regulation of pollution, and sky-high health coverage for sick people.

These days, there is not even a discussion of infrastructure repair or upgrading public school facilities. Public employees, except for representatives and senators, endure insecurity and low pay. Do we really want our TSA guardians disgruntled?

But on Tuesday, we learned clearly and unambiguously who really gets the full attention of “our” elected officials — influential donors from the Koch brothers’ donor retreat showed who’s boss. They sternly told those beggars from the Hill that their wallets are shut. No more mega donations until that tax code is written to their wishes, and that nasty nuisance EPA is shuttered.

This is as clear as it can be written. Big donors hold the reins of Congress and they are not embarrassed to show their whip. The little guys can storm congressional offices, march with angry banners, and flood the phone lines, but “Texas-based donor Doug Deason” told the GOPers his wallet was shut until he got what he wanted: an end to the ACA and tax reform, aka cuts.

Until the American people quit falling for the pious promises of family values and small government, we will get a failing government that will not protect any of us who are not “big donors.”


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