“Outlaw Dirty Money” Needs Help with Petitions!

Arizona deserves transparency in politics– and former Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard is leading an effort to achieve that.  The work is called Outlaw Dirty Money. The movement seeks a an amendment to the Arizona Constitution that gets rid of anonymity in large campaign donations.

Outlaw Dirty Money needs 300,000 signatures to get the “Stop Political Dirty Money Amendment” on the November ballot. Here’s a message from their local organizers:

Can you help Flagstaff do its part? Please sign up to commit 1 1/2 hours each week until June to staff a weekly station to circulate the petition.  We’re changing the petitioning location weekly to cover the greatest territory. 6 hours of coverage each day gives us 100 signatures.  That times 5 days a week gets us to our goal for Flagstaff!
How to sign up for petitioning:
1) Let us know your contact information! 
Go to https://outlawdirtymoney.com/volunteer/ and let us know how to contact you. If you’re just interested in signing up to petition, just click “Yes” under “I want to circulate petitions” and fill out your contact info, no other information on the form is required! However, if you’re interested in helping in another way (e.g. being a notary, helping with social media, delivering petitions), you can check the appropriate boxes and let us know. Filling out the “How many?” section will indicate to us that you’re interested in getting personal petitions to gather signatures on your own time. That’s awesome, too!

2) Go to our spreadsheet and sign up!
If you go to https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uzV5gS351UqauzTkF5RZQM0Z2P4t9V6efjkHSxoXKVQ/edit#gid=753883472 you will find a spreadsheet with all the available staffing times, M-F, 10 AM to 4 PM. Just click on the time you’re interested in and enter your name into the text bar at the top of the sheet.

3) Show up to petition during the time you signed up for!
When the time you signed up for comes around, show up to the correct location (listed on the sign up sheet!) ready to gather some signatures! At the beginning of the day, Helene or Kiki will be there to get you clipboards and petitions. When you’re done, keep your own petitions (you have to fill them out on your own, you cannot pass off the petitions you’ve started because you’ll need to be able to account for viewing all of the signings when you get the petition notarized) and hand off the clipboard and blank petitions to the next volunteer. At the end of the day, Helene will pick up the extra supplies so we can do it all again the next day!
4) Tell your friends about your goal of stopping dirty money!
Another key way to help the Outlaw Dirty Money initiative is by getting the word out as far as you can! You can do this in a lot of ways:
– Liking Outlaw Dirty Money on Facebook and keeping up with + talking about ODM events in your area
– Forwarding this email to a friend
– Spreading the word the old fashion way, by bringing it up in conversation!

Outlaw Dirty Money is a volunteer-led initiative and we wouldn’t be able to face dirty money in politics without your support.

Thank you for being involved! If you have questions or need help, please let us know.

Kiki Hackett
(623) 225-6571 (text preferred)
Helene Babbitt
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