Paris Agreement

Withdrawing from the Paris agreement would be a global embarrassment and a gross abdication of American leadership.

  •  Democrats and even some Republicans in Congress support the agreement, as well as some of President Trump’s cabinet members.
  • Thanks in large part to the Obama administration’s leadership, more than 195 nations signed on to the Paris climate agreement and more than 145 of those nations have ratified it.
  • Even Russia and China – the world’s biggest polluter – have signed on to the agreement. Out of all the nations who recently met at the G7 summit, the United States was the only participant who did not recommit to the Paris climate agreement.
  • If Trump opposes the agreement, America would join Syria and Nicaragua as the only three countries in the world to oppose this historic agreement. Nicaragua opposes it because it does not believe the accord goes far enough in curbing climate change.

Democrats are speaking with one voice, encouraging President Trump to stay in the Paris agreement because it is a historic step forward in our efforts to preserve our planet for future generations that is also fueling innovative industries right at home.

  • We need to reject the notion that there’s a choice between protecting our planet and our economy. We can combat climate change and create good-paying jobs.
  • You only need to look at the booming clean energy industry here in the U.S. to see how our values actually boost good jobs and the economy.


No matter how often President Trump attempts to muddy the issue, climate change is real and it is a grave threat. Only through international cooperation can we make a difference. As the second-largest polluter in the world, the United States would significantly weaken the agreement by pulling out.

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