Patty Hansen Embodies the Ideals of Eleanor Roosevelt

We are pleased to report that Patty Hansen received the Eleanor Roosevelt Award at the Coconino County Party’s annual dinner on March 30. Patty was chosen from among three nominees for the annual award which is given to the community member whose work and service to the people of Coconino County embody the ideals of Eleanor Roosevelt. 

Patty Hansen, who is currently the County Recorder, has been a fierce advocate for voting rights since she began her career in elections over 31 years ago. She views elections as the way to determine the will of the governed and therefore a critical feature of a democracy.  She has worked vigilantly against voter suppression efforts, whether on the state level (such as voter ID laws) or the national level (such as the elimination of pre-clearance rules).

Patty has worked for Coconino County since 2003, and she has served as County Recorder since her election in 2012. Patty is the past president of the Arizona County Recorder Association, and she continues to work closely with her recorder and election colleagues on a variety of issues. She currently serves on the Arizona Association of County Officials Board of Directors. She is seen as a leader nationally and has been invited to serve on committees for the Election Center and the federal Election Assistance Administration.

Patty has always striven for exemplary customer service. In January, Anne Worthington, a temporary election staffer, submitted an article to the Daily Sun under the title “Election staff work hard to protect votes.” The writer’s goal was to “outline why Coconino County voters are represented by very competent leadership.” She praised the dedicated public service of the staff and volunteers.

Patty also inspires other elected officials and aspiring elected officials to develop their platforms and run, serving as a mentor, friend and resource.  She works hard on her own time to help the next generation of elected officials to take their stand. She is absolutely dedication to the principle that the sanctity of the vote is at the core of democratic values.

Congratulations, Patty! We are honored to honor you and thank you for your service.

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