Prop 418 supporters shameful in misinformation

The “Yes on 418” campaign gets smarmier and more disingenuous by the minute. Recall, this is the new initiative – intentionally misleading in its representations – to strip the voter approved minimum wage from hard working people, many of whom are simply struggling to get by.

Yes on 418’s “Keep Flagstaff Affordable” tag-line, and the initiative’s recent mailing suggesting that minimum wage workers are “driving up health care costs”, is bogus and shameful. Shame also on the Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce (which is the entity behind this disinformation campaign) for its intentionally misleading approach.

The voters have already spoken on this issue and decided it was fair to pay a more reasonable wage to our hard working residents. Let’s keep this voter approved wage structure intact – Vote No on 418.

Source: Prop 418 supporters shameful in misinformation Arizona Daily Sun

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