Push Back! Messaging This Week.

Trump’s gaslighting is dangerous. We need to push back with timely messaging, so stay tuned to what fits with the news. Yet, remember, to paraphrase James Carville from the 1992 campaign, “It’s healthcare, stupid.” This year, healthcare may be tied closely to his original message, “It’s the economy, stupid.”

Trump’s China rhetoric may be resonating and gaining traction.

According to recent polls we have access to, 43% of Americans say China bears more responsibility than the federal government for the way coronavirus has spread in the U.S., and in an open-ended question asking people who is to blame for coronavirus’ consequences, more than a quarter said “China.”

We need to PUSH BACK >> Trump repeatedly praised China’s handling of coronavirus, even as recently as 14 days ago. He said China was “working very hard to contain the Coronavirus” and that he “greatly appreciates their efforts.” All as he sent 18 tons of PPE to China, despite shortages here at home. His travel “ban” is a scam — 40,000 people have entered the U.S. from China since it was put in place — and experts say most cases in America’s coronavirus epicenter, New York, didn’t even come from China.

Important language to use

“Self-absorbed” and “unprepared” resonate with voters when describing Trump and are less divisive than some words we might be inspired to use. Our pollster added “self-absorbed” as an option this week, and it immediately rose near the top. Even 31% of Republicans say “self-absorbed” applies.

Americans Care About the ACA Lawsuit

As millions face health care uncertainty, Americans want Trump to stop suing to repeal Obamacare. Even among Republicans, signs of shifting opinion: 71% said SCOTUS should overturn ACA in a November Kaiser poll, but just 49% now say this lawsuit should continue. That’s huge. We think it shows the impact of consistent message pounding on this lawsuit. Good job, Dems!

There is still a significant “not sure” category here — keep explaining the issue! Over 20 million Americans will lose insurance. Coverage for pre-existing conditions disappear. Children over 18 won’t be covered on their parents policies (ACA covers them to age 26). Massive disruption in the insurance markets. Hospital bankruptcies due to caring for the uninsured.

Economic Crisis in Context

The latest on how the economic crisis sparked by coronavirus is actually fueled by years of Trump’s conservative economic policies, focusing today on his new economic “task force.” 

The latest example of Trump’s single-minded focus on shoveling money into the hands of the wealthy and big corporations is a new “task force” Trump is creating to focus on “opening the economy” — and it’s going to be stuffed full of Wall Streeters, big business executives, and failed rightwing economists.

Here is the economic reality that Trump and his conservative allies either don’t understand or choose to ignore: the economy isn’t Wall Street, big business, or the stock market — it’s everyday workers and families.

Bottom line: The only way to “open the economy” is to put the health and safety of families and communities first and focus relief efforts on the workers and families who need it most, not corporations and the rich. The economy is driven by consumer spending; get money into the hands of workers and families. Test, test, test — the only safe way to return people to work is to test workers.

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