Reflections on DJ Trump

Many of us in Coconino County know Don Howard. He has been a leader in the Coconino County Democratic Party for years. He was Chief of the Timberline/Fernwood Fire Department and then the Summit Fire Department and he is a hero as a wildland firefighter. His team stopped the Schultz Fire of 2010 and held the line outside residential neighborhoods for over 24 hours until a Forest Service Type 1 Incident Management Team arrived. In his early life, he was also a teacher.

Don is a precinct committee member and state committee member of the Coconino County and Arizona Democratic Party, respectively. He is Vice-Chair of the Rural Caucus. At last Saturday’s State Caucus meeting, the work focused on how important the 2020 election is and how Rural Arizona has a key role in the national election. We can deliver our 11 Electoral Votes to the Democratic Nominee, we can add a Senate seat to the Democratic Caucus in the U.S. Senate, and maintain our Congressional Majority in the U.S. House where Arizona has 5 Democrats already from our 9 seats.

Upon returning home from that caucus meeting, Don wrote this to his fellow Rural Caucus members:

Friends, we had a solid turnout today at our caucus meeting at the State Party gathering. I had one other thing that I wanted to share about our President. He does not represent the values that I was taught by my wonderful Mother and Father. Kindness, humility, truthfulness, compassion and family were always a part of my life. We didn’t have much money but we always had a bologna or PB&J sandwich for us and the kids in the neighborhood.

My concern with our President is that I don’t think he has much of a sense of common decency and for him to be able to lead this great country is impossible for me to understand. I worked in the realm of Public Safety for 37 years and there are very few boastful people or folks that think of themselves as “heroes”. One comment that our president said that has been proved to be untruthful is that he was down helping when the Twin Towers fell and that he paid for 100 of his people to come and help. He was never there nor were his people according to the Fire Department of New York.

I can shake very few of his comments off and sometimes I just think that’s politics, but for him to state that lie of his helping at the Twin Towers pushes me beyond accepting anything he has to say. He is a small, insecure man and that he lies about 9-11 should shake every American into wanting impeachment or voting him out of office.

Thank you for today. Your presence today gives me hope that we will prevail in getting our country back. All the best. Don

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