Republicans Are About To Waste Taxpayer Money on Unconstitutional Abortion Bills — Again

We wish we could find reliable numbers for how much the Arizona Attorney General’s office has spent on legal fees trying to defend the ridiculously obviously unconstitutional abortion bills that the Arizona legislature has passed in the last decade and which Governors Brewer and Ducey signed (sometimes — occasionally, they vetoed because the bills were too much even for them). Roe vs. Wade has been the law of the land for 45 years and these radical Republicans just won’t follow the law. Instead, they waste our tax dollars.

Now, the Republicans in the legislature are about to do it again.

SB1394 would force women to tell the government why they want a legal abortion, as well as greatly increase doctors’ paperwork requirements for patients who seek legal abortions. This bill passed the full Senate with our own Senator Sylvia Allen voting for it.  It’s been assigned to House Judiciary Committee for hearing Wednesday.

  • Call or write judiciary members to OPPOSE this bill

Paul Boyer 602-926-4173
Kirsten Engel 602-926-5178
Eddie Farnsworth 602-926-5735
Mark Finchem 602-926-3122
Sally Ann Gonzales 602-926-3278
Daniel Hernandez 602-926-4840
Anthony T. Kern 602-926-3102
David Stringer 602-926-4838
Maria Syms 602-926-4860

  • Vote out Senator Sylvia Allen on November 6.

SB1393 would require courts to award legal possession of in vitro embryos to the spouse who intends to bring them to birth, overriding any agreements or contracts the couple previously had on the matter, regardless of either person’s objections or concerns. The unwilling spouse would be required to provide health and medical records, as well as to deny parental responsibility. It is called “a backdoor attempt to achieve personhood status for embryos.”  Sylvia Allen voted for it in the Senate. This will be coming out of the House Rules Committee early this week and then could go straight to the floor for a vote and then on to Ducey.

  • contact our Republican Representatives to OPPOSE (though you will be whistling in the wind)
    (602) 926-4129
    (602) 926-5219
  • Vote against any Republican on the ballot for the LD 6 or LD 7  on November 6 (all announced candidates say they will always vote like Allen, Thorpe, and Barton on abortion)


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