Republicans Up the Anti

Make no mistake…there is a battle underway to change America, and Republicans have upped the anti, and here is how:

– Anti Public Education – The Republican controlled State Legislature and the Republican Governor have slashed funding for schools, with more cuts to come. They cynically do this while, at the same time slashing taxes for corporations. On the Federal level, the GOP is planning on slashing the budget of the Dept. Of Education. Many of them want to limit it altogether.
– Anti Public Broadcasting – Republicans want to eliminate all funding for NPR and PBS. From their perspective, Fox News (contradiction in terms, no doubt) is the only source in news and information that the American public needs.
– Anti Healthcare – They want to eliminate healthcare reform, re-establish pre existing conditions, and ironically, increase the National debt by $210 billion by eliminating the saving realized by reform.
– Anti Women – slashing funding for Planned Parenthood and other programs for women, thereby drastically reducing HIV testing, cancer screenings, birth control, and other services. They’ve also been long term opponents to equal pay for equal work.
– Anti Science – Their positions on Global Warming and Climate Change, the science of Evolution, even the geologic age of the earth harkens back to the Dark Ages, when it was a given that the earth was flat, and the sun and stars circled around us.
– Anti Social Security – They have been trying for years to eliminate the last major program of the New Deal. Imagine where you would be Bush and Rove had been successful in privatizing Social Security, resulting in your retirement future being linked to Wall Street and your 401k. They’re trying again!
– Anti Environment – They are proposing massive funding cuts to the EPA and the gutting of Clean Air/CO2 regulations.

In fairness, “anti” nature of the Republican Party briefly and incompletely discussed here, does not give a balanced picture. They do stand FOR things also:

– For Tax Cuts for the Wealthy top 2%
– For Increased Corporate Influence in our Democratic Processes
– For Guns in Bars and Guns in Schools
– For Massive Government subsidies for Big Oil
– For Eliminating Medicaid assistance
– For Tax Breaks for Corporations shipping Jobs Overseas

Do you share their vision? I certainly hope not and hope you’ll do all you can to counter this lurch to the right. Get Active – Get Involved – Make a Difference. Your future depends on it.
                                          Doug Ballard


Posted in Letters to the Editor.