Rogers Social Security, Medicare plans dangerous

I am highly concerned about candidate Wendy Rogers’ plans for dismantling and/or privatizing Social Security and Medicare.

These are both plans to which I have contributed during my entire working life, and now, as a senior citizen on a fixed and limited budget, I count on them! I’m sure that most AZ seniors count on them too. These plans are our insurance after our decades of work.

They’re not “freebies”; we have paid for them, and they are working well. They must not be ended, nor should they become for-profit ventures ready to be plucked by the 1 percent to line their own pockets.

Wendy Rogers is going too far when she plans to phase-out these important programs. This perennial candidate must NOT be elected in CD-1.


Source: Rogers Social Security, Medicare plans dangerous Arizona Daily Sun 9/22/2018

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