Separating families, belittling others not acceptable

This letter appeared in the Arizona Daily Sun on July 15, 2018

Taking children from the parents of families that are seeking asylum in the United States of America is morally reprehensible. We should be welcoming these refugees into our country with open arms and hearts. It is what Jesus would do.

Nearly all of these families are from Central America, fleeing violence from drug cartels and from other forms of injustices. I have first-hand knowledge that one man from Honduras, whose wife had been murdered previously, had his 7-year-old daughter taken away from him when he arrived at the border. He went to jail. A Panamanian women came to America after being raped and was arrested at the border when she asked for asylum.

Others are also outraged as I witnessed the demonstration in front of Flagstaff City Hall (6/30/18). However, there are fellow citizens who dismissed this gathering by the “liberals.” I heard someone say that he could not understand why “these people” would protest children being taken from their parents when “they” believe it is OK to murder a fetus in the womb. I responded that these are two entirely separate issues.

Yet, it is this exact type of response that prevents civil discourse between people with differing political ideals.

I support every American to voice their opinion, especially if it is different than mine. If we are to heal as a nation, we have to respect each others views, not belittle them. America will not survive if we don’t listen to each other and compromise.


Source: Separating families, belittling others not acceptable

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