Significant Policy Statements from Arizona Democrats in the Legislature

We need more Democrats in the Arizona legislature to work on policies like these:

“Nothing this administration hopes to gain from this draconian policy is worth the cost to a child who now must live in fear of never seeing his or her parents again.” Excerpt from AZ House Democrats’ letter to Department of Human Services Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen regarding separating families.

“Failure to grasp the core concepts of evolution will put Arizona students at a significant disadvantage when it comes to their ability to compete academically, professionally, and intellectually after high school.” Excerpt from the letter by AZ House and Senate Dems to AZ Schools Chief Diane Douglas to stop the erosion of science standards in public schools.

“Let’s work together now before something catastrophic happens again in Arizona. Our kids deserve to be safe at school. Our constituents deserve to be safe in public places.” Excerpt from AZ House Dems letter to Gov. Ducey asking for a special session to address gun violence.

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