Some Good News

Not all conspiracy-inspired election bills get passed. These bad elections bills were shot down in the legislature this week, with all Democrats voting no and 1 or 2 Rs joining them.

  • A Sharpiegate-inspired bill to prevent Sharpie markers from being used to fill out ballots (even though that’s the preferred method from the voting machine manufacturer)
  • A bill to beef up the attorney general’s powers to investigate alleged election malfeasance, which comes as the AG is investigating the Senate the claims made in the Cyber Ninjas “audit”
  • A bill to make it harder for people who move frequently to vote
  • A bill to force the auditor general to audit elections, though it wouldn’t pay the office nearly enough to hire the 35 new full-time employees the office says it would need to do so.

Of course, there are still plenty of voter suppression bills that have either already passed or that will pass. But let’s take joy where we can.

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